Louis Tomlinson made his feelings for Naughty Boy clear in the shock moment captured on film

One Direction fans were left stunned during a gig at Kansas City last night when a piñata with Naughty Boy’s face on it was thrown on stage – and was then JUMPED ON by Louis Tomlinson.

The shock moment happened when a cheeky Directioner chucked the toy – which featured an image of the music producer’s face on it – near the boys as they performed Story Of My Life and it quickly caught the attention of Louis as well as Liam Payne.

It’s fair to say that the lads made their feeling about Naughty Boy VERY clear by how they reacted. Firstly Liam, 21, sat on the piñata and laughed whilst looking up at Louis.

Then came Louis’s turn and he decided to take things a wee bit further. Instead of merely laying on the toy the Yorkshire-born singer leapt into the air and landed right on Naughty Boy’s face – OUCH.

Needless to say One Direction fans in the audience went crazy for Mr Tomlinson’s cheeky jump and can be heard screaming in a video clip capturing the moment.


Louis then proceeded to kick the piñata off the stage, causing further excitement in the Arrowhead Stadium.

The 1D fanbase shared their reactions on Twitter after seeing the moment unfold and many found it pretty funny…

Other One Direction admirers weren’t quite so amused though…


The incident has certainly received a big reaction and it’s no surprise given the history between Louis, 23, and Naughty Boy.

Naughty Boy – real name Shahid Khan – got into a bit of a Twitter spat with Louis following Zayn Malik’s departure from One Direction in March, when he re-Tweeted a video about his and Zayn‘s friendship at a time when 1D fans were still upset about the singer leaving the band.

‘Wow @NaughtyBoyMusic you’re so inconsiderate pal,’ Louis posted on Twitter. ‘Seriously how f*cking old are you ? Grow up ! #masterofallwisdom.’

He then blasted Naughty Boy for ‘trying to wind the fans up’ and added: ‘Always have struggled to bite my tongue.’

The music producer cuttingly replied: ‘lol you should let the other boys talk for a change. :).’

Naughty Boy doesn’t appear to have responded to Louis’s piñata-jumping moment, though hinted in his last Twitter post that he’s keeping his head down.

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  • shireen natalie dean

    They should learn from Harry, the cool guy. He’s never heard to say a bad thing about anyone. Remember the Taylor issue? and the grimmy & Louis affair. GO HARRY!

  • Ama Lyn

    Why blame all of 1D? You should talk about Liam and Louis since they were the ones who participated in such a behaviour.

  • Ama Lyn

    And it was Liam and Louis who participated in such behaviour. Please do not bring Niall and Harry into the mix as if they took part in this whole NB feud.

  • Ama Lyn

    Oh Louis, worry about your own life(aka your unborn child and your money) before getting involved in an ex-friend’s life.

  • gilanin

    I love 1D very much but this is downright mean and hurtful. You wouldn’t want someone you love (a friend or family member) to do bad things or behave unacceptably, you want the best for them, of course. Well, I want the best for these boys too, lost of love and happiness and what happened is not nothing.

    I dislike Naughty Boy as much as the next fan, but this is bullying. And as much as I dislike this producer, who I know next to nothing about, this forcefully makes me sympathise with Naughty Boy. And I don’t like it.

    Maybe they thought they were just having some fun, but it really is very bad blood running through and reaching their fans. I understand their fans can be immature enough to bring Naughty Boy bashing stuff, but as Dahlia said, it is up to them to ignore it. They didn’t sign up for being role models, but it came with the business and their success. If you are enjoying your success, at least take a little responsibility and be good examples.

    A sincere apology will suffice, everyone loves them enough to look past almost anything they do if they mend this. It’s not a scandal, but it sets a very bad precedent for their fans.

  • Dahlia

    What the two of them did was absolutely rude and makes a lot of people realize that the reason one direction fans are so mean spirited, hurtful and downright nasty is because their idols are non the better. Liam and Louis did not have to react that way at all. I expect something like this from Louis because he has shown on many previous occasions that he is just a piece of trash that just got very lucky, however I was immensely disappointed with Liam’s behavior. People are making excuses for them and saying was so funny but in actual fact it wasn’t at all. It was offensive and nasty. One Direction have previously spoken out against bullying but are openly advocating and giving their impressionable fans the go ahead to do so with their behavior. It’s disgusting because they know the influence they have on these youngsters. They could have easily ignored it and gone about their business. What they did has sparked outrage among a lot of poc fans. One minute they talk about saving the world in #action1D then the next they are literally abusing and murdering a caricature of someone they dislike. I’m sorry but the media needs to stop putting 1D on a pedestal and start making them accountable for their actions which influence the youth of today greatly. Their behavior is sickening and they are very unprofessional.