Col called the girl in question to get to the bottom of things...

Pregnant Coleen Rooney is reported to be considering a £70 million divorce from husband Wayne Rooney following his drink-driving arrest.

The former England footballer was driving party girl Laura Simpson home in her VW Beetle when he was pulled over by police last Thursday after a night out in Cheshire – with the 29-year-old beauty confessing that they shared ‘a kiss and a hug’.

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Coleen – who recently revealed she is expecting the couple’s fourth child – was on holiday in Spain with their three sons, Kai, Klay and Kit, when news of Rooney’s arrest broke.

She jetted back to the UK and has been spending time at her parent’s home, giving her plenty of time to think what to do about her marriage of nine years.

An insider told The Sun: ‘She’s been spending time with her parents deciding what to do — but at this stage she feels it’s over.’

‘Things could change in the coming days but as things stand she’s had enough and it’s finished. This was the final straw and she feels humiliated. She’s planning to walk away.’

It comes as lettings agency worker Laura told the newspaper what went down between her and footy star Wayne on their boozy night out – confessing that he asked about her BOOBS before they left together.

She claimed: ‘I got to the bar around 10pm. He introduced himself with his mate and we sat down and had a talk and had a laugh.’

‘He kept admiring my boobs in my clingy top and asking what size they were.

‘He asked if they were real and said, ‘I’d like to get my hands on them’. I laughed, he was being flirty and I didn’t tell him my boobs are fake.’

Laura added: ‘It was all playful fun and I’d had loads to drink. We had a kiss, a hug and some banter — harmless fun. Then we left.’

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And in another interview with The Sun on Sunday, Laura claimed that Coleen had CALLED her to get to the bottom of what went on.


Laura said: “She was polite. She asked whether my car was parked outside the nightclub.

‘I told her it wasn’t and that it was outside a friend’s house and we had got a taxi to it.

‘She asked, ‘Was your car not outside the front?’.

‘I told her the truth, that it wasn’t and that we had left in a cab together to get my car which was parked outside a friend’s.

I apologised to her and she said, “You have nothing to say sorry for”.’

She also claimed: ‘Was I going to spend the night with him? Yes, perhaps. We hadn’t really discussed it. We just wanted to be away from all those prying eyes.’

But she insisted to Coleen that ‘nothing like that happened’.

Wayne was arrested shortly after 2am last Friday morning and was later charged with driving whilst over the prescribed limit, Cheshire Police confirmed.

Following all the weekend’s revelations, Coleen took to social media on Sunday afternoon to beg paparazzi to stop hounding her and her sons.

She tweeted: ‘Please can photographers have respect and stop following me with my three children in the car…. it’s dangerous and I’ve had enough.’

Prior to the shock news, Coleen was riding high as she confirmed her much-speculated-on fourth pregnancy.

Taking to Twitter, the excited star confirmed to her 1.25 million followers: ‘So Happy!!! ….. Never denied the news, but I was always protecting it!! Had scan & all checks are fine…..Baby number 4 is on its way.’