A throwaway comment by Liam Payne led to him being accused of homophobia - but Directioners are having none of it

All it takes to set social media on fire these days is a seemingly innocuous comment at a One Direction show. At a recent gig, Liam Payne upset a lot of people with a remark that some Twitter users took to be homophobic.

When introducing the song Girl Almighty, Liam said: ‘This is my favourite song off the last album, and it is about trying to find that number one woman of your life, which none of you can relate to, ’cause most of you are girls. Except for the boys in here, you know what I’m talking about.’

Predictably, the outrage came thick and fast, with some fans accusing him of not being ‘inclusive’.


Liam was quick to ensure the fans that he’s in no way homophobic, and admitted he may have phrased his comment ‘the wrong way’.

Thankfully, the trusty Directioners were on hand to show their support for Liam – by starting a worldwide trend with the hashtag #WeLoveYouLiam. Not bad, considering the whole fiasco only began a few hours ago. Yay for the internet!

Some tweets got straight to the point.

Others found Liam’s spelling mistake cute.

Some people got quite creative.


Others even brought the recent Zayn Malik fiasco into it…

At the time of writing, #WeLoveYouLiam was the top trend worldwide on Twitter, which just goes to show that when Directioners band together, they’re a force to be reckoned with. We wouldn’t mess with them!

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