Ed Sheeran and Nicole Scherzinger, you say? We did NOT see this romance coming in AT ALL!

In what could be the most random celeb hook-up of the year (if not decade), a source explained to The Sun that a blossoming romance may have started between the pair after Nicole, 37, reached out to Ed, 24, to thank him and his trusty guitar for aiding her in getting over her split from F1 driver Lewis Hamilton (whom Scherzy had been dating on/off since 2007).

The pair have since been rendezvous-ing on many dates including one in Ed’s hometown of Suffolk in which Scheeran (as we shall refer to them from now on) were spotted sinking a pint in the local pub- a date that Nicole described as ‘so real’. We’re ‘so real’ too Nicole, we can go for a pint with you!

Ed’s pal has confirmed that ‘as far as he’s concerned they are in the early stages of dating’, adding ‘he’s been very open about it with friends and colleagues’. Not too be outshined, a friend of Nicole has also spoken about the couple saying ‘she was drawn to him over the last few months through his music’.

And speaking of the music, all our Pussycat Doll fantasies have come true- During a performance in Hollywood on the 27th of July Nicole dedicated her performance of Don’t Cha to the ginger chappie, shouting ‘this ones for you Ed’. That’s right Sheeran, you DO wish your girlfriend was hot like Nicole. It has also been reported that Ed has also since written lyrics dedicated to Nicole.

Are you thinking what we’re thinking?! DUET!!!!

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