We've had a peek into our crystal ball, and can tell you EXACTLY what the One Direction boys will be doing next...See the pictures here!

Dry those eyes for a second and gather your broken hearts around Now’s crystal ball, we bring you news from beyond…
After mucking around with a few tarot cards this afternoon, it turns out we actually have a knack for this future reading stuff- and we’ve managed to decipher exactly what the future holds for the One Direction boys when Doomsday (aka. the official March hiatus date) comes around *tries to look mysterious*…
Mr. Harry Styles is, of course, destined for Hollywood. And although our crystal ball is a very reliable source, Mission Blockbuster could already be well under place if recent reports are as precise as our fortune telling. Harry has recently bought a pad in LA, predicted to become his permanent base. According to Haz’s pal Lance Bass the 21-year-old is said to be very keen on flexing his acting muscle ‘It will be amazing for Harry. I think he will do really well… it’s his time, he is very talented and he has some great opportunities’. My name is Styles.. Harry Styles….
Okay we’re getting another vision…. It’s Niall…. he’s holding a golf club… Oh wait, false alarm this is no vision… we’ve just stumbled across some pictures of Niall last Tuesday. Considering he only ever seems to put down the golf club to pick up a microphone, we see a definite future for Mr. Horan as a professional golfer. As the reality of the 1D hiatus dawned upon the world and caused souls to be shaken to the core, Niall could be found down the golfing range…. We sense a foreshadowing here.
Now in terms of Liam Payne, we’re getting some very strong teacher vibes. We have been receiving visions of Liam in a tweed jacket with elbow patches and we’ve gotta say, it’s a surprisingly good look. Forever bring the S factor to 1D (the sensible factor, although sometimes sexy too), Liam himself admits to a very cautious code of conduct, ‘I don’t know what I’d do if [I made] anyone actually fall over. I’d feel terrible’. We think he’d make a wonderful teacher… perhaps of Geography. To be extra sensible and all that.
Okay some inevitable dad vibes coming through, considering Louis will near enough be daddy-Lou by this point….Yep, we’re seeing some Kindergarten Cop type visions… Less super angry Arnold Schwarzenegger more Louis Tomlinson up to his ears in play dough. And before you ask, no we’re not telling you the baby’s name… (but it is a good’un).