Ooh-er - Kendall Jenner shares pictures from one of her steamiest shoots yet

Kendall Jenner has always struck us as being pretty well behaved but it seems that there’s a secret dark side to the model…


Kendall Jenner goes NUDE at Balmain dinner

19-year-old Kendall has hinted at past misdemeanours in a VERY steamy new photoshoot which happened in a shower of all places. A place where we would NOT want our picture taken, tbh.

Luckily, being a supermodel ’n all, Kendall gets away with it and looks stunning in the daring snaps posted on Instagram last night.

‘washing away my sins @mertalas,’ the teenager captioned a close-up shot of her, well, having a wash.

The photo was taken by arty photography duo Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, who shared another picture of Kendall posing topless on their Instagram page.

‘Wash away her sins KENDALL in paris @kendalljenner #parisisburning,’ they wrote alongside the shot of Ms Jenner presumably post-shower with messy wet hair and smudged make-up.

With all this talk of her ‘sins’ we can’t help but wonder – just what has Kendall Jenner done?!

Maybe it’s referring to the reality star’s cheeky revelation last month that she once had her nipple pierced when she was going through a rebellious phase.

‘I was going through a period in my life, having a rough time, being a rebel and was like “Let’s just do it,”’ Kendall told Page Six.

‘[I was] so terrified, I’m laying on the bed like “Why am I doing this?”’

Ooh Kenny, you rebel. So are there any other skeletons in that immaculate Kardashian wardrobe?

Well her romantic history has seen her linked to heartthrobs including Justin Bieber and Harry Styles, but we wouldn’t exactly call them bad boys so Kendall’s been pretty good in that respect.

Maybe her decision to get a tattoo could be classed as one of her ‘sins’, given that it went against sister Kim Kardashian’s dislike of inkings.

The model’s etchings are barely visible though. She has a small white dot on her finger as well as a little broken heart design, also in white to lessen the visibility when she’s modelling.

You see – sensible gal through and through.

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Anna Francis