Get ready, 90s music fans - the greatest reunion tour EVER could be about to happen

With so many different rumours circulating about a possible Spice Girls tour next year we’ll admit we kind of lost track of what exactly is happening – is Posh coming? Are tickets on sale yet? Is it ACTUALLY happening at all?

Well now our interest has totally come alive again as the latest report about the tour is definitely the most amazing yet.


Apparently the Spice Girls WILL hit the road to celebrate their 20th anniversary next year but they won’t be alone – it will only be flippin’ JOINT tour with fellow 90s-born group the Backstreet Boys. Aahh, our childhood dreams have all come true in that one sentence!

It’s thought that the two bands have been in discussion about the possible venture for a whopping 18 months and BSB’s AJ McLean seems to have confirmed that they’re seriously considering it.

‘The Spice Girls tour has been this idea bouncing around for the past year and a half,’ he tells the Daily Star. ‘And it’s something we’re still talking about.’

Eek! Sadly though it sounds like the tour would only be taking place in BSB’s native America, enabling the Spices to play larger venues. Oh, and there’d be no Victoria Beckham either *sob*.

‘America had a different relationship with The Spice Girls,’ a source says.

‘They were big but their success didn’t last quite as long, so teaming with another act is a way of booking bigger venues.’

However, there’s still hope that Posh might get on board for a UK celebration the girls would hold before touring the states. C’mon, VB, you know you want to!

We seriously need to see the Backstreet Boys back on the road together too. The boys are all working on solo projects right now, with Nick Carter currently working the dancefloor on America’s version of Strictly, Dancing With The Stars.

In fact just a few days ago he performed a routine to Everbody (Backstreet’s Back) *scream* and this is making us want a BSB/Spice tour to happen even more.

Imagine hearing that followed by Wannabe! Imagine the 90s nostalgia overload! Imagine how much this needs to take place in 2016!

Anna Francis