The Pricey didn't hold back on Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On The Side…

Katie Price sent Twitter into meltdown during Tuesday night’s epic Celebrity Big Brother launch when she shared some rather intimate details about THAT sex tape…

Yup. We were all thrown back to the noughties when the former glamour model opened up about ‘love of her life’, Dane Bowers and in typical Pricey style, she didn’t leave much to the imagination.

[GIF] Katie Price Room 101

Dropping in to see Rylan Neal-Clark on CBB’s Bit On The Side, the studio audience (and the rest of the nation) were a little taken aback when the Loose Women presenter openly discussed her private parts – well it was past the watershed, guys…


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As the panel chatted about the infamous Kim K sex tape which ultimately led Ray J to the path of CBB this year, Katie couldn’t help but reference her very own VT with Dane which was leaked over 15 years ago.

We can’t believe it was that long ago either!

Suggesting her vid could do with a bit of modernisation the mum-of-five said: ‘Maybe I better do a new one… without a toe in there.’


But when fellow guest Joe Swash revealed that he’d actually seen the clip, Katie quipped back: ‘I haven’t, I was six months pregnant with a swollen clitoris… I’m not interested.’

Leading a usually unflappable Rylan to shout: ‘Why, why… where is this going?’

Wow. Maybe a little TMI, Katie?

And the rather awkward chat didn’t go unnoticed by viewers of the show and Twitter was flooded with questions  – with some viewers even asking if she was expecting baby number six…

One tweeter asked: ‘Did Katie Price just let slip on live CBB BOTS that she’s 6 mnths pregnant with a swollen you know what? #CBB #CBBUK #katieprice #CBBBOTS’

While another confused Tweeter added: ‘Has @MissKatiePrice just announced she is 6 months pregnant?? #cbbbots…’

But one eagle-eared fan confirmed: ‘F*** sake guys @MissKatiePrice said ‘WHEN i was 6 months pregnant’ Chill the hell out #CBBBOTS #CBB.’


Katie has been linked with a return to the house as an All Star herself, after appearing on the Channel 5 show in 2015 but recently shot down claims reminding everyone that she’s already won it, so what’s the point?

We don’t blame you, Katie – with housemates like Jasmine Waltz, Nicola McLean and James Jordan, we can already tell this year is going to be a fiery one.