You can now order your very own Ed Sheeran...


Ever fancied a slice of the fiery Ed Sheeran? Well now you can…

For years now, Ed has been having a not-so-secret love affair with Calabrese… No, he hasn’t dumped rumoured fling Nicole Scherzinger. And yes, it is a pizza.

He has been proclaiming his love for the Italian favourite all over Twitter for a while now, and it’s clear that he only has eyes for the Italian favourite, Tweeting: “If it ain’t Calabrese, I ain’t interested.”

And to celebrate his love affair, Pizza Express are naming his fave pizza after him!

Ed was thrilled to hear the news and Tweeted: “that’s all I’ve ever wanted”. Cute. We wonder if it inspired any songs on his last album…

His relationship with the spicy Calabrese is so serious, he has even introduced it to a number of his celeb pals — including, Taylor Swift!

He said earlier this year: ‘I just introduced her to Pizza Express! I was like, if you’re going to get any pizza you get a Calabrese! I got it and she said it was the best pizza she’s ever had in her life.” And if it’s good enough for Taylor Swift, it’s good enough for us.

It’s also his secret recipe for wooing Nicole Scherzinger earlier this year she must have thought it was shamazing as well!

What’s on the pizza we hear you say? Spicy Calabrese and soft ‘nduja sausage as well as fiery roquito peppers, chargrilled red and yellow peppers, light mozzarella, rocket, pesto, oregano and Gran Milano cheese. That’s a LOT of stuff.

And if your mouth is already watering, don’t get too excited *just* yet. The ‘Ed Sheeran‘ will only be available in a number of restaurants around Birmingham. Boo!

It looks like we’ll be getting on the train for a pizza Ed!

Hollie Ackroyd