We barely recognised S Club 7's Hannah Spearritt with her purple locks on Lorraine this morning - and she's not the only one who looks more than a little different...

Ready yourself for this, but it’s over fifteen years since S Club 7 first burst into our lives with their infectious brand of pop.

The band – formed of Bradley McIntosh, Paul Cattermole, Jon Lee, Jo O’Meara, Rachel Stevens, Hannah Spearritt and Tina Barrett – released their first single, Bring It All Back, in 1999, and the group soon found fame and a huge fan base.

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After a successful TV series and several top ten hits including S Club Party and Don’t Stop Movin’, the band split in 2004, leaving an S Club-shaped hole in our lives.

So we were a little bit excited to see lovely Hannah back on our TV screens this morning when she popped along to Lorraine for a chat about her brand new role in Casualty. Hurrah!

Although, we’ll admit, it took us a few moments to recognise her – because the star is now sporting PURPLE hair!

With the edgy ‘do – dyed especially for her role as troubled Mercedes Christie on the BBC show – she looked a million miles from the sweeter-than-sweet member of S Club we so fondly remember.

GIF Hannah Spearritt S Club 7

Which got us thinking – how much have the rest of the S Club 7 family changed since their glory days? And just what are they all up to?

Is Tina still doing her dance? Is Paul still getting down on the floor? Has Jo still got the flow? So many questions.

Thankfully, we’ve got the answers!

Some still work in music. Some have kids (S Club 2.0, anyone?). Some are in the ‘off’ stage of an on again, off again relationship (hi, Hannah and Paul).

But one thing’s for sure – they’ve all changed a fair bit since their S Club days!

Click through the images above to see what S Club 7 look like now, and to discover what they’ve been up to in the last (gulp) 15 years.