Cheryl says she sent a very angry text to the media mogul

Cheryl Cole reveals in new autobiography Cheryl: My Story how furious she was with Simon Cowell for sacking her from the US X Factor, especially as he got UK executive producer Richard Holloway ‘to do his dirty work’.

Cheryl, 29, admits she sent a foul-mouthed text to Simon, saying: ‘I hate you.

‘F*** you… f*** BGT. F*** orange and purple outfit. F*** the big hair. F*** you all.’

However, Simon’s unofficial biographer Tom Bower claims Simon’s highly amused by her side of events.

Speaking to Now, Tom laughs: ‘He thought it was all an absolute hoot.

Cheryl’s version of what happened in America is a complete fantasy.

‘I was there and I watched it all.

Simon kept trying to talk to her, but she kept refusing to take his calls.

Philip Green even tried to talk to her on Simon’s behalf.’

Tom adds: ‘Whenever I saw her on the show, she looked utterly miserable.

‘She just sat with her brother, picking at an awful looking salad every day in silence.’

Cheryl’s publicists made no comment.

Read more about Cheryl Cole in Now magazine dated 22 October 2012 – out now!


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