There's a method to Taylor Swift's best mate madness


They say all friends cross your path for a reason, a season or a lifetime.

And if you’re Taylor Swift, it helps if you’re famous too.

It’s no secret Taylor isn’t shy about sharing snaps of her growing gaggle of famous girlfriends. In fact she has so many besties on her books, it’s almost as if she’s collecting them… wait. Is she???

The singer’s army of A-listers include Lorde, Ed Sheeran, and Selena Gomez

She invited actresses Hailee Steinfeld and Jessica Szohr to spend Memorial Day weekend at her home in Rhode Island and partied on a yacht with Girls star Lena Dunham and Hollywood actress Emma Stone on the 4th of July.

Hold on… there’s more! Taylor‘s also BFFs with Kelly Osbourne, singer Ellie Goulding, Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland, model/actress Jaime King, American Idol legend Kelly Clarkson, Rookie magazine editor Tavi Gevinson and model Lily Aldridge and supermodel Karlie Kloss, who she went to a basketball game with last night.

But there’s a method to Taylor‘s best mate madness.

‘I look for people who really have their own passion in life.’ says Taylor. ‘My friends, they are all chasing their own dreams, and they all have their own ambitions. That’s what fuels you.’

She’s especially fond of Lena Dunham, saying: ‘Lena and I really relate because we’re writers first and

foremost and because she’s super enthusiastic about everything. When you

first meet her she’s acting like you’re a long-lost friend and that’s

what’s so amazing about her.’

So if Lena is Taylor‘s right-hand writing pal, we can apply the theory that all her other girlfriends have roles too.

What should Taylor wear? Call Karlie! What’s the coolest thing no one knows is cool yet? Call Tavi! Who can make Taylor belly laugh right now? Call Emma! Who can give me big sister advice? Call Jaime! Who can release Taylor‘s angst with her free-spirit? Call Lorde! What is Taylor‘s crush thinking? Call ‘stuck-in-the-friend-zone’ Ed!

Aww – poor Ed!

Taylor continues: ‘You’re supposed to surround yourself with people who

challenge you and motivate you and make you want to be smarter,

stronger, better. So that’s what my friends do for me and I’m so happy

to have so many good ones right now.’

And those ‘good ones’ give back – as soon as Taylor‘s new album 1989 dropped her celebrity supporters took to social media to swear their love to T-Swift.

‘The new Taylor Swift album may be made completely out of angel wings – I’m so obsessed!’ tweeted actress Abigail Breslin.

By keeping such good company around her, Taylor‘s become a bastion for bachelorettes, and with every single-life selfie her previous man-eating image fades more into the background.

‘I’m just very protective of my happiness,’ says Taylor. ‘I’ve found a place in my life that feels really great and I’m not willing to compromise that for just anyone.’

But while it must be an amazing privilege to be in Taylor‘s inner circle, don’t cross her – she might write a song about you on her next album!

Louis Boroditsky