He was famously in Friends, but what happened to actor Tom Selleck?

Wondered what had happened to actor Tom Selleck? Look no further…

I recognise that tache!
Ah yes, Tom’s most familiar trait. The actor shot to fame in 1980 playing Thomas Magnum in Magnum PI, which lasted for eight series and 162 episodes, wrapping up in 1988.
Wasn’t he in Friends?
Tom played Monica Gellar’s older boyfriend Richard Burke, aptly nicknamed by Chandler Bing ‘moustache man’. Tom appeared in nine episodes, the first one being The One Where Ross And Rachel…You Know in 1996.
What else has he done?
Since Magnum, Tom has appeared in more than 50 film and TV roles. In 1987, he starred in the film Three Men And A Baby as Peter Mitchell and in 1990 he was in the sequel Three Men And A Little Lady. Tom’s also appeared in Westerns such as Quigley Down Under, Last Stand At Saber River and 2003 TV movie Monte Wash. More recently, he starred alongside Katherine Heigl in action comedy Killers. Now 70, he plays police chief Frank Reagan in US crime show Blue Blood, which first aired in 2010.
Is he married?
Yes! After divorcing wife of 11 years Jacqueline Ray in 1982, Tom married actress Jillie Mack, 57, and the pair have one daughter ­ 26-year-old Hannah. They live on a 63-acre avocado farm. Speaking of his marriage, Tom revealed: ‘I think I’m pretty romantic. I get up before Jillie and put on the kettle so that when she gets up her tea water is hot.’ He added: ‘There’s very little yelling in our home. Neither of us lashes out.’
Wait, avocado farm?
Yup. The farm has over 2,000 avocado trees, although in 2010 Tom revealed that it was ‘hard to make a living, let alone a profit’ from avocados. Bizarrely, he’s not even a fan of avos, revealing: ‘Honestly, they make me gag.’ Earlier this year Tom and Jillie were sued for over £13,500 by the
Calleguas Municipal Water District in Ventura County, which claimed he was obtaining water from a nearby construction site to supply his ranch during a drought. The claim was settled.

Tom’s mega ranch is so plush that not only does it boast a seven-car garage, a helicopter pad and volleyball courts, his neighbours include Jamie Foxx and before that, acting legend Sophia Loren. Jealous much?


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