We're SO excited for the new 10th series of Made in Chelsea starts next week but which couples will be back and will Jamie and Jess be one of them?!

Made in Chelsea has been around for five years now, but somehow we’re STILL surprised everytime Jamie Laing says ‘I love you’ before freaking out and taking it back.

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And last season was no different, with the cheeky chappy confusing his flirting for love with Nas before returning to ex Jess Woodley at the end of the LA series.

SO, what’s going to happen between Jamie and Jess this series?

Now found out in an EXCLUSIVE chat with both Jamie and Jess! Here’s what they said…

Somehow, Jamie STILL thinks that Jess is ‘awesome […] she’s super in love with me.’

He continued saying ‘you’ll see that come into the next series and there’s definitely a moment where you think ‘okay, so its just either gonna be good or bad!”

Jess agreed, saying ‘I changed my mind with Jamie when I realised how much he cared about me.’

‘I really care about him so much, I always will,’ Jess continued.

But why aren’t they together if Jess has finally made up her mind about the Kandy Kitten owner?

Well, apparently things aren’t all plain sailing and it’s ‘really up and down’ between the pair. Jess said ‘It’s just difficult. It’s complicated because we started off as friends and we’re finding that quite difficult but it’s just, it is what it is.’

Confused? So are we! We hope that they sort their relationship out this series but we’re not holding our breath.

One thing the two can actually agree on is that ‘LA was SUPER intense’, but Jamie STILL doesn’t know how to tell if he just fancies or loves someone. How Jamie, HOW!?

He said: ‘I can fancy someone easily. But when I actually start to really like someone I don’t know how to react.’

‘When you really like a girl you wanna be around them all the time, but that’s too intense, so you sit back, I don’t know how to play it. I think I smothered her too much.’

After appearing on Channel 4’s celeb episode of First Dates Jamie is officially ‘looking for love. Yah. Hopefully I find THAT person to fall in love with.’

One thing we do know after all these years of watching is that love is REALLY hard to find in MIC!




 Emily Thornhill