Is Justin Bieber getting a bit overexcited about the release of his new album? Or is he just bored?

Ah Justin Bieber, you never fail to keep us on our toes. Whether it’s deciphering a song that could or could not be about Selena Gomez or getting the latest on the fallout from THOSE naked pictures, there’s always something to discuss in Bieber land.

But frankly the latest development from Justin has left us a wee bit confused to say the least. The 21-year-old singer has been posting pictures of babies on Instagram – to promote his new album. Huh?


Justin Bieber to SUE over naked pics?

Yep, Biebs is clearly getting excited about the upcoming release of Purpose next month and has been channelling the vibe by sharing amusing snaps of tots with the word ‘purpose’ written on the photos. Um, okay.

One picture shows a little ‘un with crazy hair whilst another is a close-up shot of one sticking its tongue out. Care to explain the connection to Purpose, Justin? Or should we say, What Do You Mean? (Geddit? As in the song? Anyone…?)

Well we’re not the only ones bemused by this and Justin Bieber fans have been trying to figure out what the cheeky star is trying to say through the peculiar choice of pictures.

‘what’s up wiwith all these baby pics oh dear what is he up to now,’ one commented.

Another wrote: ‘Worried for him lmao’

Others wondered if Biebs was dropping a hint that he’d like to become a daddy one day…

‘Do you want a baby?’ a curious Belieber asked. Well you never know!

Justin’s stream of bonkers photos didn’t stop with the babies though. The singer also posted snaps of a laughing horse (as you do), giggling people, a TV showing Netflix and what appears to be a close-up shot of his good pal Hailey Baldwin.

Hmmm – if anyone knows what going on with Justin Bieber then please put answers on a postcard…

Anna Francis