We can only imagine what the two little royal rascals are getting up to...

Kate Middleton and Prince William are seriously busy bees at the moment.

The royal couple were in Dundee on Friday morning to support and chat with mental health and anti-bullying campaigners at the Dundee Rep Theatre, where so far Wills has revealed that he ‘hates maths’ and Kate has said it fills her with ‘horror’ when Wills heads out on his motorbike.

Oh you guys.

Kate looked particularly striking in a bright cobalt blue winter coat, knee high boots and black roll neck jumper as she sported a very swish new hair ‘do.

*Takes photo to hairdressers immediately*


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But it’s not the first time the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been out on royal duties this week – they’be been attending a string of events, including a dinner and exhibition to mark the arrival of the Chinese president in London.

Which has got us thinking, as much as we’re loving our daily doses of Wills and Kate, just where are the oh-so-cute Prince George and Princess Charlotte?

They haven’t been spotted in public since Charlotte’s christening back in July, and we’re betting they’ve grown up and become even cheekier.

George, who is two and a half years old, is probably busy sticking Thomas The Tank Engine stickers on his five-month-old sister’s face. Lol.

Or, he’s riding around the house on a corgi with a saddle and a cowboy hat.

OR, Charlotte’s sitting in one of those baby bouncers that you hang in a doorway and George is using his felt tip pens to draw a monobrow and a moustache and Harry Potter lightening scar on her head.

We hope ALL of these things are true and happening right this very minute.

Hannah Gale