The singer plots radical changes to her image and her music


We’re used to thinking of Leona Lewis as the very image of the girl next door.

But that’s all set to change.

The 25-year-old X Factor winner’s set to undergo a radical image overhaul and ditch the ‘good girl’ tag.

Sources tell us that the singer, who’s been influenced by more controversial singers Lady Gaga and Rihanna, has already been wearing more risqué outfits and is now keen to make edgier music.

‘Leona’s ready to evolve her look and music,’ a source tells NOW .

‘She wants her next album to be totally unexpected and different, like Rihanna‘s and Gaga‘s.

They’re around her age and make the kind of exciting impact she wants to make.

Leona‘s latest album hasn’t done as well as she hoped and feels she has to step it all up.’ 

The talented vocalist’s started hitting the headlines for her edgier appearance, such as a Victoria Beckham-style tattoo on her neck.

But she really turned heads last week when she sported a Lady Gaga-esque outfit and mask 
at celebrity blogger Perez Hilton‘s costume party.

‘She’s preparing for the new her,’ reveals our source.

‘She won’t be turning into Lindsay Lohan and falling out of clubs, but big changes are ahead.

‘She’s now talking to producers who aren’t afraid to experiment, to get them to work on her next album.

She’s hoping to do some collaborations first.’

Leona‘s spokesperson tells us: ‘Her new style’s a natural progression as she loves fashion.

‘Her look’s in preparation for her tour, which starts on 28 May.

‘She’s been hands on with all the wardrobe design and it’ll be edgy, but this tour and her current album are her priority right now.’

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