But which mystery man is Adele singing about?


Oooooh, mysterious Adele. We were totally and utterly mesmerised by her new – as yet unnamed – single, which appeared as if by magic during an ad break on The X Factor at the weekend.

The short clip of just her haunting vocals against a black background goes:

‘Hello/ It’s me/ I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet/ To go over everything / They say time’s the greatest healer but ain’t done much healing.’

So OBVIOUSLY everyone’s got questions, aside from the obvious (when is the song out? And when is her album out!?)


We want to know exactly WHO the song is written about. It’s obviously about someone close to Adele’s heart – but who is this mystery lover?

By the powers of our almighty deduction, we reckon that the song might NOT be about Adele’s partner and father of he three-year-old son, Angelo, Simon Konecki.

That’s because the song is about meeting someone ‘after all these years’.

Although Adele and Simon’s relationship has been rumoured to be rocky, she’s an intensely private person – they were last seen together at Glastonbury – there’s no official word that they’ve split. As far as we know, they’re still ‘very much together’ (as Adele tweeted at the start of the year).

So is the song about an ex?

An insider told tells The Sun:

‘This whole process is clearly going to be very difficult for Simon because she’s singing about the love of her life — and the reality is that it isn’t him.

‘There are bound to be love songs on the album about Simon and Angelo, but it’s telling that the song she’s going to be selling the album on isn’t about him.’

We suppose we’ll just have to wait and see – just don’t keep us waiting too long, please, Adele!

The singer has yet to comment on Twitter, Instagram or anywhere what’s going on with the song (which sounds bloody AMAZING to us). CLASSIC Adele, keeping us waiting and guessing and knawing at our knuckles – we wouldn’t expect any less.

However, The Sun reports that the song could be released ‘as early as Friday’ (um, yes please?!).

Mark Ronson also told the paper that: ‘I’ve heard the full song and it’s f***ing amazing.’ (No sh*t, Sherlock).

We can’t wait to hear more.

Rosie Gizauskas