We wonder if even Cheryl and baby Bear had to take a double take?

Telly viewers were left in shock when Liam Payne seemingly turned up on Channel 4 dating show The Undateables.

Rhys Jenkins from Swansea was a right looker for the One Direction star and viewers took to Twitter in their droves to comment on the likeness.

Unlucky in love 25-year-old law student Rhys suffers with high-functioning autism and severe dyspraxia and appealed to the show for help with his dwindling love life.

Celebrity doppelganger Rhys said he wanted to find a girl who shares his love of James Bond and said his date was one of the ‘best days of his life’.

The show sent Rhys on a date with Sophia, 26, who has Asperger Syndrome – luckily for Rhys, she was indeed a Bond fan.

I feel like I’m flying through the crowds first class on an aeroplane sitting next to Richard Branson sipping a glass of Fanta,” he said.


Plus, we’re sure he isn’t short of offers this morning. If at least from a few lookalikes agencies.

In real life Liam Payne news, the actual Liam has been spotted on the FROW at London Fashion Week looking all kinds of slick in a fashionable velvet suit.

We spoke about nappies and sleepless nights,” Paloma Faith revealed after being pictures with Liam at the Armani show.

Liam, 24, and his girlfriend Cheryl, 34, welcomed into the world a baby boy called Bear six months ago.

Speaking with People.com, the former 1D ‘fella recently revealed that his son is a bit of a ‘chubster’- sharing ‘he’s just big in general – he’s humongous’.

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Liam then added, ‘I’m going to get a sore back. He’s a big boy! He’s healthy, he’s strong, he like a bouncer’.

Poor old Chezza in the birthing suite, eh?