The 10-year-old singing sensation is free to do what she likes


Willow Smith is not your average 10-year-old.

The Whip My Hair singer is the daughter of Hollywood royalty Will Smith

and wife Jada, and her parents admits that they give their daughter a lot more freedom than most.

Rules? We don’t have rules,’ says mum Jada, 39.

‘We come up with agreements. Kids are little people, and we’re in life to guide them.

‘Trying to rule someone is always an illusion, and it’s no different with children.’

Jada and Willow did have words, however, when the young singer made herself a Myspace page.

The punishment, agreed between them, was for the youngster’s computer to be confiscated for a month.

‘I told her not to, so I was mad,’ Jada tells Style magazine.

‘It’s negotiations. I’m not saying it’s always perfect. I have my bloops and my blunders. But I’m doing my best.’

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