So that's her back-up career sorted then.

She’s about to make her explosive return to Eastenders following a short break to look after her baby daughter, but now it looks like Jacqueline Jossa could have another career lined up – in the music business.

The 22-year-old soap actress who plays Lauren Branning released a sound clip of herself singing in the bath earlier today and seriously, like, it’s amazing.

Jac, you are OWNING it.


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She captioned the Instagram clip of her covering a Sam Smith hit  ‘bath time karaoke session, deleting in a few’ and it’s already amassed a stream of postive comments and nearly 10,000 likes.

And we’re guessing all this sweet, sweet social media positivity is the reason that well, she didn’t delete it ‘in a few’.

Fans have been quick to suggest she goes on the X Factor or releases more singing videos, this time without a black screen to go with it.

With one saying: ‘Be brave and do some singing videos of you that aren’t just a black screen’ and another saying ‘this is literally perfection’.

Jacqueline left Eastenders to give birth to her first child with soon-to-be-husband Dan Osbourne in February, but is set to return later this year surrounding her on-screen dad Max Branning’s court case.

We’ve got our fingers crossed there’s a Queen Vic karaoke scene lined up…

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