After 12 weeks of tough training, Olly Murs is looking pretty buff!

Olly Murs has certainly been a busy boy of late, what with filming The X Factor and making more music for his huge fanbase.

But that’s not all he’s been doing. Olly has been transforming his bod in front of our very eyes and is now looking SERIOUSLY buff after following a dedicated training regime.


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In fact we barely recognised the 31-year-old when his trainer Rob Solly posted some amazing before and after snaps of his figure, showing how he’s gone from rough around the edges to RIPPED.

Unbelievable, right?! Just look at those abs (in the after pic, obvs) – we salute you, Mr Murs!

Olly’s fans were left stunned by the singer’s incredible transformation and many were pretty envious too.

‘One word… WOW!!! Congratulations Olly ,’ one admirer Tweeted.

Another wrote: ‘looks like 2 different people…..amazing olly well jel xx’

Olly has been posting regular updates of his workout sessions over the past few weeks as well as showing his followers how he’s following a healthy diet these days.

Last month he uploaded a photo of himself looking blissfully happy ahead of a fitness sesh and wrote: ‘Happy gym time’

Personally we find it hard to have such a big smile on when we’ve got a workout ahead, so kudos to Olly Murs for having such a positive attitude!

We’re glad to see that the newly-buff Olly still allows himself some little treats though. Just a few weeks ago the TV star posted a snap of some chocolate and jelly sweets with the caption: ‘Midnight snack tonight sorted….’

YUM. Ols also had a bit of a craving after watching The Great British Bake Off…

We totally felt the same, Olly! But with that mega toned figure we think the singer can allow himself the odd cake or two!

Just last month Olly spoke of how much better he’s feeling since he started getting in shape by working out several times a week and eating healthily.

‘I feel great,’ he told the Mirror. ‘I feel re-energised, I’m not as tired any more, and I feel more focused.

‘Gary Barlow is my pin-up. If I look like Gary at 40, I’ll be happy. He works, he trains and he’s strict, but he looks great.’

Olly Murs will certainly be looking hot when The X Factor live shows hit our screens in just a couple of weeks’ time.

Anna Francis