Myleene Klass was accused of being 'too skinny' and 'not healthy' after sharing a swimsuit snap on Instagram - but her fans were quick to call out the body-shaming haters

Whilst beautiful Myleene Klass is sunning herself on holiday right now, things have been getting pretty ugly on her Instagram page, where body-shaming comments were made after the star posted pictures of herself in a swimsuit.

But now Myleene’s loyal fans have hit back at the haters, condemning their comments and sticking up for the TV presenter.

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The trolling began when mum-of-two Myleene shared two snaps showing her hanging out by the pool at her mystery holiday location wearing a strappy black one-piece swimsuit from her Littlewoods collection that showed off her slender frame.

‘Far too skinny,’ one follower commented, adding: ‘Those aren’t abs either, she’s emaciated.’

Another posted: ‘That’s not a healthy look to be portraying. Bit gutted@myleeneklass would think this is a good thing to show. #healthyisthenewskinny.’

A further follower confessed to preferring Myleene ‘when she had curves’.

But Myleene’s supporters quickly hit back at the negative comments.

One follower replied: ‘We should be teaching our children to be healthy and PROUD and not to nit pick and feel it’s their right to comment on other people – especially those they don’t even know!!’

They added: ‘She’s healthy and happy and her girls look the same so it’s not up to anyone to tell her to eat more or less or better or whatever.’

Another posted: ‘Women should be empowering each other not body shaming. If this was a curvy photograph I doubt no one would comment yet a petite figure on show instantly it’s portrayed as unhealthy.’

Whilst another wrote: ‘Commenting on someone’s size, whether about them being fat or thin or whatever is just unnecessary. She’s happy how she is so leave her alone and go spend your energy elsewhere rather than being an online bully.’

And another made this simple suggestion: ‘Seriously some people need to get a life. If you don’t like what you see, unfollow, simple.’

Anyway, it looks as though Myleene is having far too much fun on her holiday to care much about what people are saying about her online.

Other snaps on her Instagram account show the yummy mummy having a ball with her two daughters, Ava, 8, and Hero, 4.

One shot shows the three of them sitting poolside, with Myleene and Ava both sporting MERMAID TAILS. Erm, how cool!?

And in another shot, a laughing Myleene is seen splashing around with little Hero. She captioned the shot: ‘My water baby.’ Awww!