Millie Mackintosh has got us all hot under the collar in new bikini selfie... Wow girl!

Ay curumba! Someone is feeling hot hot hot, and we’re feeling the need to lie in an ice-bath (and then  probably do around 57 sit ups whilst chomping on a stick of celery).

What is it that has got you all hot under the collar and waffling on about salad, we hear you ask. Well, seasoned Now readers, feast your eyes on the ABSOLUTE BABE that is Millie Mackintosh. millie articlee

Posing in a red bikini (which we’re surprised didn’t burn off with the heat of her ridiculously hot body), the 26-year-old posh totty captioned the snap ‘Loving my new @mikoh bikini! 5 work outs done this week it’s time to enjoy the weekend! Better find something to wear it’s @charliestrod1’s wedding day at last!’. Mils babe, we won’t lie-with abs like that we don’t think you need to find ANYTHING to wear.

And as expected  the comments are awash with people needing a cold shower, just like us, with countless messages reading ‘body goals like whoa!’,  ‘#lookingincredible #goalsrightthere’, ‘your body is looking amazing, so strong & toned!’. 

One comment also posed a very reasonable suggestion, I’m sticking this on the fridge’-pass us a magnet and a carrot, clever Instagram person.

Unfortunately for us all, Mills DID find something to wear for the wedding- which was also shared on Instagram. Rocking a bright pink a pink dress and hair very similar to her wedding-do we’d say she *almost* looks just as good.

These smoking pics have (thankfully) arrived on our Insta-feed after divorce rumours began surrounding Millie and her husband, 31-year-old rapper Professor Green. Luckily, this speculation had been ‘blown out of proportion there is no issue with them, they’re a normal happy couple’, as told to Heat magazine by a close friend of the couple.

To be fair, if we were Millie we’d have probably considered divorce after that bath tub pic… but then again, we don’t have a body like Millie either….

AWKS! Did Millie Mackintosh suffer a nipple-slip on Instagram?


Alice Perry