H to the O to the N to the E to the Y to the G... it's Honey G

As this year’s The X Factor ‘marmite’ contestant, Honey G’s becoming a bigger household name every single day.

From week to week, she entertains and stuns viewers in equal measure, sailing nicely through the competition – and some are even pitting her to win the series!

Who knows where she’ll be this time next year? With an endorsement from 50 Cent already in the bag, and an adoring public at her feet, there’s no telling how far she’ll rise – which is why Now are proud to present an exclusive freestyle rap from the budding rap sensation, all about…Now magazine.

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We had the pleasure of speaking to Honey G in one of her rare quiet moments outside of filming the show, and on a whim, she dazzled us with a freestyled rap about her favourite magazine. No prior rehearsal, no written lyrics ahead of time – just pure artistry.

Take a listen below…

And if you’d like to join in, the lyrics are as follows:

Now, Now, I’m like shining light

Now, Now, time to shine bright

We’re gonna put up a fight

Keepin’ my rhymes tight

Now, Now, I’ll show you how

Pow, pow, I’ll make you bow


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If that doesn’t help you decide your favourite X Factor act, we don’t know what will! (Or perhaps we’re just biased…)

Is Honey G from North Weezy (aka North West London) destined for stardom? Let us know your thoughts @CelebsNow…