They didn't exactly see eye to eye on The Apprentice, and now the feud between fired candidates Charleine Wain and Selina Waterman-Smith is sinking to new lows on Twitter

This year’s series of The Apprentice may have ended, but the feud between candidates Charleine Wain and Selina Waterman-Smith continues.

There was no love lost between the two women on the BBC One show, and the Taylor Swift-style bad blood has spilled over onto social media since they were given the finger by Lord Sugar – Selina in week nine and Charleine following the notoriously gruelling interviews.

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Now their spat has sunk to a new low after Selina apparently took a swipe at Charleine by referencing the three-month-old soon who tragically died in October 2007.

Engaging in another argument with Twitter users, Selina apparently responded to a comment suggesting she ‘go make up some stories to sell and dig for some sympathy’ by posting: ‘What like a child who died? Oh wait, that wasn’t me…’

Charleine spoke about the pain of losing her son, Caylan, to infant death syndrome ahead of the Apprentice interviews, revealing how the his heartbreaking death led to her quitting the Navy and inspired her to business success.

Charleine was alerted to Selina’s apparent tweet – which appears to have since been deleted – by a fellow Twitter user, who shared a screenshot and wrote: ‘@selinawatermans this is disgusting. If anything @CharleineWain deserves compassion on this subject, not hatred.’

Charleine then retweeted the image, branding Selina a ‘vile woman’ and pleading with her followers not message her about her.

She wrote: ‘I am gobsmacked on this, I please ask no one to send me anymore messages on this vile woman she is nothing to me!’

Speaking on TV show The Apprentice: The Final Five, Charleine revealed how she wears a dragonfly necklace as a constant reminder of the son she lost, saying: ‘I was so low and so rock bottom. It was a really hard place to be in. It was really difficult.

‘My dragonfly necklace is the way that I carry by little boy around with me.’

Her husband Scott added: ‘It is just a reminder really because we will never, ever forget our son. She wears it close to her heart and he is always close to our hearts.’

Selina had previously accused Charleine and Scott of repeatedly posting tweets about her, saying she ‘felt sorry’ for her former Apprentice rival.

She told Daily Star Sunday: ‘I think we need to wonder why she’s focusing so much attention and energy on me when I don’t speak to her, live in the same country as her or have anything to do with her.

‘Lord only knows why her and her husband want to post about me 15 times a day on Twitter. I’m not sure where the animosity stemmed from. I’ve moved on with my life. I’m a positive person and I feel sorry she has to behave the way she does on Twitter.’

After we posted this story, Selina contacted Now to reiterate her claim that Charleine, along with fellow Apprentice candidate Brett Butler Smythe had ‘been involved in a three month campaign against me’, and sent us screen grabs of tweets to support this.

One of the tweets – sent from husband Scott’s account – read: Who uses their dead dog, dead mum and dead dad to negotiate! Someone throttle that #selina’ [sic]

Selina has sadly lost both of her parents; mum Heather died of cervical cancer when Selina was three, and dad Alan was killed by a stroke three years ago.

In her message to Now, Selina insisted: ‘I have declined to discuss the death of my parents in the media as its private.’