Taylor Swift has come in from criticism from a leading academic for using her famous friends as 'props' on stage - eek!


She’s given women everywhere a serious case of #SquadGoals, but now Taylor Swift has been criticised for her ‘obnoxious Nazi Barbie’ ways and flaunting her famous friends as ‘props’. Ouch!

Tay Tay has come under attack from American academic and social critic Camille Paglia, who doesn’t seem to be a super-fan of the 1989 star.

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Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, she said: ‘In our wide-open modern era of independent careers, girl squads can help women advance if they avoid presenting a silly, regressive public image – as in the tittering, tongues-out mugging of Swift’s bear-hugging posse.

‘Swift herself should retire that obnoxious Nazi Barbie routine of wheeling out friends and celebrities as performance props.’

The feminist author reckons that Taylor has got the point of Girl Squads all wrong, saying they ‘ought to be about mentoring, exchanging advice and experience and launching exciting and innovative joint projects.’

She added: ‘For women to leave a lasting mark on culture, they need to cut down on the socialising and focus like a laser on their own creative gifts.’

WHOA! To quote another name on the ‘Girls We Want To Be Our BFF’ list, Cher Horowitz – that was way harsh, Tai Camille.

Tay’s famous squad includes the likes of Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, singer Ellie Goulding, and supermodels Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne, all of whom featured in her kick-ass music video for Bad Blood – and if that isn’t an advert for girl power, then we don’t know what it.

And when that video won an MTV VMA recently, Taylor got the girls together to throw her very own awards ceremony – gifting each of the ladies their very own Moon Man gong.

So, whilst Camille Paglia may not think much of T-Swift, we’d still like to join her #GirlSquad, please.

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  • avalon

    As soon as you call a successful 25 year old a “Nazi barbie” or a “fascist blond” anything else you say looses any credibility! My Boss is a holocaust survivor who went absolutely ballistic when I showdown her the original piece in the Hollywood Reporter. She said it trivialiezes her family who were killed in the gas chambers by the nazis. To call a woman and Nazi for her friendships is disgraceful and shows how little the deaths mean to people. She said she would love to sit this so called feminist down and explain the horror of using the statement.