Palace officials have released pictures of 6-month-old Princess Charlotte, and she is ridiculously cute!

Hey, you- get ready to start singing Natasha Bedingfield’s ‘Wanna Have Your Babies‘, because the biggest dose of broodiness is about to smack you square in the face.

No honestly, get ready.


Okay, you’ll never be able to prepare yourself for this one so here goes nothing…IT’S THE FIRST PALACE RELEASED PHOTOS OF 6-MONTH-OLD PRINCESS CHARLOTTE! *explodes into confetti*

The official Kensington Palace tweeted the insanely adorable snaps at 12pm today with the caption ‘Here’s a new photo of 6-month-old  Princess Charlotte, taken by her mother, The Duchess of Cambridge, in early Nov’. The tweet was then followed with a couple of other (equally adorable) snaps.

Inevitably, Twitter has gone into an apocalyptic melt-down of totes adorbsness with users replying messages such as ‘what a beautiful family Thank you for sharing’  and ‘Awww she’s absolutely beautiful,she’s defiantly her Daddy’s double x’. 

This is the second time the palace have released photos of the gorgeous tot, having last shared pictures from her christening in July.

And this isn’t enough cuteness for you (*ahem* greedy), then you’ll be pleased to learn that there’s more: Princess Charlotte‘s elder brother, 2-year-old Prince George, is apparently non-stop nattering about the festive season.

Now, doesn’t that just warm the Crimbo cockles?!

Alice Perry