Katie Price's Instagram post has been causing quite a storm!


If Katie Price wants us to know anything about her it’s that we should never ever on any terms and under any circumstance underestimate the Pricey. And as recent events would lead us to believe, perhaps we shouldn’t underestimate the Pricey’s lips either…

It’s no secret that Katie, 37, is a fan of a little nip and tuck. So no surprise at a recent Instagram from the star which showcased a new set of very plump smackers to her 559k instagram followers.

Not only was Pricey loving her new chops but also proclaimed she ‘can’t wait for the next visit’ from Flawless Cosmetics.Screen shot 2015-08-04 at 14.20.02

Now, this would be all well and good and we could all carry on with our day safe in the knowledge that Katie Price loves her new lips if it wasn’t for the virtual pandemonium Pricey’s snap has caused…

As the 160 comments show, many are outraged by the post and for several reasons. Some are upset by the way lip fillers in general, and aren’t at all happy with Katie’s latest face-adjustment.

Others feel the image sends across an inappropriate message to the younger of Katie’s followers- one user commented ‘this is advertising yet again utterly inappropriate where lots of young girls influenced by this‘.

One (very sassy) fan commented ‘Katie, I LOVE you BUT…Hunny….those are NOT Flawless at all…more like a hot mess! Sorry, @Flawlesscosmetics, your work is horrible!’.

Others urged the former glamour model to adopt a look closer to the one mother nature blessed her with- ‘Would look much more pretty the natural way‘, Such a shame as your going to ruin your natural lovely looks… You’ve gone too far @officialkatieprice’.

Anyway let’s take a (well deserved) break from the Pricey mayhem, we’re starting to get Insta-rage.

And although Katie has previously admitted regretting some of her younger surgeries she has recently expressed a very sensible attitude towards surgery- ‘People should only have surgery for themselves – not for a man, a woman or for a career’. With this in mind it doesn’t look like the negative comments on her cosmetic choices will bother Katie.

*Mops brow*

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Alice Perry