High School Musical hunk was jealous of Titanic star when he was younger


Zac Efron didn’t always think highly of pal Leonardo DiCaprio.

The High School Musical hunk struggled to understand why the Titanic star, 34, was so popular when he was growing up.

Id say, Dude, whats so great about that kid? I was jealous,’ says Zac.

‘I mean, you couldnt help but hate the guy.’

Having spent some time with him, Zac, 21, now sees Leo as a role model.

Now, to some degree, Ive made it and Im going through the same thing, he tells The Independent.

I mean, it’s pretty miraculous for him to have gone from that position to doing the incredibly diverse films he does today. Thats the kind of career I would like for myself.   

s new film 17 Again is out now.

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