It seems Zayn Malik has been linked to ANOTHER lovely young and super-famous lady this week! After favouriting her selfie he attends Kylie Jenner's birthday party...

Another day, another Zayn Malik story- we’d almost be sick of him if he wasn’t so darn pretty!

And as if the  Zaydar (Zayn-radar) isn’t already in absolute overdrive, it seems there is another exciting Zactivity (Zayn activity) that has been detected! And it involves birthday girl Kylie Jenner

Last week the beady-eyed watchmen of Twitter reported some intriguing Zactivity; the 22-year-old had favourited something very juicy (a habit unusal for him considering he has only ever favourited nine other tweets). And what tweet worthy of an exclusive Malik favourite? Oh, only a snap posted by Kylie in which she showcases a VERY sexy Dolce and Gabbana mesh pannelled dress.

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And as it it turns out, Kylie was SO flattered by this rare Malik Twitter favourite she awarded Zayn with a much sought after invite to her official 18th birthday party last night, as revealed by attendees of the party-

It’s pretty evident Zayn is a wee bit attracted to the youngest member if the Kardashian Klan- perhaps even more now the Kylie has revealed her brand new blonde tresses, à la Perrie Edwards– but does the invite to her 18th mean to feelings are mutual?! Some fans hope not, one writing ‘Kylie is 17,stay in your lane zayn…You can only have kendall’– we wonder how Kendall‘s rumoured boy-f Nick Jonas feels about this?!

And speaking of rumoured romances, we have a feeling Zayn’s advances won’t go down too well with current boyfriend Tyga– who gifted the lucky teen a brand spanking new white Ferrari complete with a red ribbon during the party last night. Perhaps Zayn brought Kylie the gift of his good looks.

Amidst all this latest Zrama (Zayn drama), Zayn took to his twitter seven hours ago and managed to stir the pot of mystery further by simply tweeting ‘hmmm’… WHAT ARE YOU HMMING ZAYN WE MUST KNOW!!!

Kylie Jenner gets a FERRARI from Tyga for her birthday – and the colour matches her new hair!


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