The Emmerdale and Strictly Come Dancing star has undergone an incredible transformation!

Lisa Riley then and now

Lisa Riley: right, at the Strictly Come Dancing launch in 2012; left, in Singapore in February 2016

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Since Lisa Riley got her big break into showbiz back in 1995, she’s been proudly waving the flag for plus-sized girls.

Now, the star has been popping up on Loose Women and showing off her much slimmer figure – where she’s lost an impressive ELEVEN stone in just over a year!

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Lisa recently underwent excess skin removal surgery on her stomach area following her dramatic weight loss and showed off the results when she appeared on Loose Women in March 2017  – and looked incredible!

Wow! Lisa’s happier than ever after having a stone’s worth of excess skin removed (Photo by Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Now she’s revealed that she’s planning a further op in May to rid her of the remaining excess skin on her breasts and arms and, after the success of the first procedure, she’s feeling excited and less nervous than before.

‘There is a little niggle, but I don’t have that overwhelming fear I had last time, the actress tells The Mirror. ‘The surgery is the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. I have scars but they don’t matter, they will fade.

‘The difference between the top half of my body and the bottom half is staggering. I will be the finished article after this.’

Perhaps the forthcoming surgery – which should bring her down to a size 10-12 – will help Lisa to truly get used to her new look, something she admits she’s still adjusting to after years of being overweight.

‘Sometimes I still see obese Lisa,’ she explains. ‘I think it will still be the case for a long time. Sometimes it takes my breath away when I see the new me.’

Previously the actress stopped by Loose Women in April 2016 and spoke openly about she’s achieved her new slimline look:

‘I have smaller portions now,’ she said, explaining her new lifestyle. ‘I don’t believe in fad diets, even though I have tried them before. I have no food after 6.30pm…I only eat a carb if I need one and absolutely no bread or booze.’

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Going down from a size 30 to a size 12, the actress and TV personality revealed to Bella magazine that the health issues faced by her immediate family had been a motivation to eat healthier, and exercise more: she lost her mum, Cath, to cancer, while her father was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2015 after a cancer scare of his own.

‘Losing my mum then seeing my dad wired up and nearly losing him and becoming an orphan was a shock to my system. I don’t want to be a statistic,’ she said in January 2016.

‘I just want my health to carry on, to live my life to the fullest.’

Lisa, 40, attributes her weight loss to an overall lifestyle change – not a diet – which includes giving up alcohol:

I’ve not drunk alcohol for a long time now. I pat myself on the back every day that not one drop of alcohol has passed my lips and I don’t think it ever will again.’

Happy Lisa, March 2017 (Photo by Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

On the 19th August 2016, Lise celebrated one year of not having one single drop of alcohol.

‘I was a party animal and loved my red wine, but I did go to a slim camp and now, when I see a bottle of wine, I see fat Lisa – I look at it and see four chocolate bars.

‘I don’t miss booze, I don’t need dutch courage it’s other people always saying ‘go on, have another drink,’ no one would do this with Kettle Crisps.’

But even though it’s her body, Lisa sometimes looks in the mirror and is shocked. ‘I’m still a bit in denial – I’ve lost over half my body weight,’ she said.

In October 2015, signs of her weight loss were visible when she released her plus-size fashion range ‘Just Be You’. However, she first saw signs of weight-loss in 2012, when she wowed the nation during her stint on Strictly Come Dancing.

Lisa Riley Strictly Come Dancing GIF

Good on Lisa – a testament to what can be achieved with hard work!

Take a look at our gallery below to see her transformation over the years…