It seems 2017's female contestants aren't afraid to flash the flesh...

Celebrity Big Brother isn’t really the show for the dignified, demure type of lady is it?

Hells no!

But while we’ve just got over seeing a little too much of Marnie Simpson and Chloe Khan in the 2016 series…

[GIF] Chloe Khan Stepehn Bear

Channel 5 have thrown in a whole new load of lads and lasses into the house who are just as likely to show off what their mother (and surgeon) gave them.


This year stars including Jasmine Waltz, Bianca Gascoigne and Nicole McClean have entered the house and if their Instagram’s are anything to go by, it’s going to be one big battle of the babes!

We’ve got boobs, bunny-outfits, bums and just a dash of nakedness to whet your appetite…

So who do you think takes the bikini babe crown?

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