See the couple's relationship develop...

Anthea Turner has a 15-year relationship with Grant Bovey before they split in 2013.

In 1990, the then-radio presenter marries DJ Peter Powell in a lavish Staffordshire ceremony.

Anthea becomes the golden girl of national television, landing a prestigious job on Blue Peter in 1992 and launching The National Lottery Live in 1994.

At the height of her success, she releases a fitness video called Anthea Turner Body Basics. The video is produced and distributed by Grant Bovey.

In 1998, she divorces Peter and goes public with Grant. He leaves his wife Della Bovey, who he has three daughters with.

Grant later tries to save his and Bella’s marriage but they’re granted a divorce in December 1998 and he weds Anthea in 2000.

Anthea and Grant‘s nuptials are dubbed ‘Flakegate’ after a magazine publishes a picture of them posing with the new Cadbury’s Snowflake.

Anthea releases a series of books and stars in a television show called The Perfect Housewife in 2006.

Two years later, she denies that she and Grant are selling their Surrey mansion but admits that they’re having to budget.

‘What the credit crunch has done for us – and maybe for a lot of people – is made us all have a little step back and think about how we live our lives,’ she says.

Anthea and Grant aren’t able to start a family. Anthea, who’s undergone five unsuccessful attempts at IVF, says: ‘I just desperately wanted a baby of my own.’

Sadly, it isn’t to be.

In July 2012, Anthea and Grant‘s marriage is rocked when he’s accused of cheating with 25-year-old heiress Zoe de Mallet Morgan.

Anthea throws Grant out of their home but reveals she’s taken him back in early 2013 and that her appearance on Dancing On Ice has ‘saved’ their romance.

However, they break up for good that June.