Sky's Formula 1 presenter and Prince Harry's pal Natalie likes to chill in her riverside pad

Sky’s Formula 1 presenter Natalie Pinkham invites us to have a look round her gorgeous home.

The F1 host loves her fancy riverside flat, which she bought before it was even built, and it sounds as if her family are just as keen on it.

‘My dad used to say that if you can see even a glimpse of the water from your flat it’s a good investment,’ Natalie tells us.

Adventurous Natalie travels the world to cover F1 and this is reflected in how she’s decorated her apartment.

The presenter has a globe out on display and also owns some NYC coasters and Bruce Springsteen album covers that adorn the walls, adding a touch of Americana.

Natalie makes her home cosy with cute Andy Worhol-style pug cushions and a comfy-looking sofa.

‘I’m queen of the power nap,’ she admits.

The F1 fan likes to relax in her flat but she wasn’t always so comfortable living there.

‘I was the only one living in the block of 150 flats! At night the builders went home and there were these dark, empty corridors,’ Natalie reveals.

‘It was like The Shining – terrifying.’

Natalie lives with fiancé Owain so luckily she’s got someone to keep her company now.

The TV star enjoys rustling up some grub in the kitchen but always makes sure to put away sharp things as she’s a terrible sleep walker.

‘Our bedroom has to be almost empty apart from the bed to stop me hurting myself because I sleep walk,’ she tells us.

‘I jumped out of bed once and grabbed a kitchen knife because I was dreaming about burglars!’

Natalie supports the Fairtrade Take A Step campaign and definitely has a sweet tooth with all the chocolate around.

The F1 presenter also likes to drink from a Las Vegas mug, another nod to the US.