The pair sleep together not knowing they are related…

Some seriously saucy – and rather shocking – antics are about to occur on the cobbles.

Coronation Street actor Ryan Thomas’ character Jason Grimshaw is in a foul mood after Becky Granger (Katherine Kelley) rejects his advances.

Jason heads to the Rovers Return to drown his sorrows over a number of pints. He gets chatting to Julie Carp (Katy Cavannagh).

The pair become flirtatious after a couple of drinks and eventually decide to leave the pub together.

Once they are back at Jason’s cosy house, Julie finds it really hard to keep her hands off the young hunk.

Obviously attracted to buff brown-haired Jason, the blonde is seen draping an arm around his neck as the duo slump on a sofa.

Coronation Street actor Ryan – who works a casual white tee and sporty black zip-up jacket – gazes into his co-star’s eyes.

Jason and Julie are almost close enough to share a kiss.

Things begin to get a little more heated when Julie drags Jason to his feet. It’s clear that Julie wants to get Jason upstairs and into the bedroom.

Needing to steady herself, Julie holds on tightly to the wooden banister with one hand and her young love interest with the other.

In character as Jason, Coronation Street actor Ryan does little to protest and also up for a bit of fun, he flashes Julie a naughty smile.

Totally consumed by feelings of lust, Jason and Julie find themselves in bed and end up sleeping together.

But unluckily for them, the night of passion looks set to be anything but a simple one-night stand.

Viewers will be left open-mouthed when they learn that Jason is actually Julie’s nephew.

Will Jason and Julie discover that they are related?

Find out on Friday 24 April on ITV1 at 7.30pm.