See the changing shape of Dawn French over the years


Dawn French‘s weight has certainly yo-yoed over the years.

The comedienne was a svelte young woman when she started her career in the 1980s alongside close pal Jennifer Saunders but the pounds soon started to creep on.

Despite embarking on a diet to wed Lenny Henry in 1984 – slimming down from a size 18 to a size 12 – Dawn felt her body was ?weird’ and seemed happy to gain weight again afterwards.

The couple adopted a daughter, Billie, and Dawn looked fuller-figured when she was snapped taking her little girl on set while filming The Vicar Of Dibley in 1994.

With her increasingly shapely bod, Dawn admitted that thin women were a ?turn-off’ for hubby Lenny and happily flaunted her curves in 1999 when he picked up his CBE.

By 2005 Dawn appeared to have gained more weight and titled her 2007 autobiography Dear Fatty.

The actress was at her largest in 2009, tipping the scales at 19st, but confessed to worrying about how it could affect her health.

It was after her 2010 split from Lenny that Dawn’s weight started to drop and she caused a stir when she stepped out looking dramatically slimmer in 2011.

By the end of the year the comic had shed 7.5st but admitted she was still trying to adjust to her skinnier body.

In 2012 Dawn appeared to have filled out again and revealed that she’d stopped denying herself the treats she’d cut down on.

Yet things were going well for the TV star – not only had she released her second novel but she’d also found love with new man Mark Bignell, who she married in April 2013.

Dawn’s transformation continued when she stepped out with lighter locks and a much slimmer bod in the summer of 2014 – will her weight stay down this time?

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