From Taylor Swift and Scott Mills to Harry Styles and Jedward, Ed Sheeran seems to be the celebrity friend to all the stars


There’s many reasons why we love singer Ed Sheeran – the fact he’s representing lil’ ol’ England all over the world, his checked shirts, those vibrant ginger locks, oh, and the fact that he makes incredible and insanely catchy and emosh songs.

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And we’re not the only ones to be in awe with the 24-year-old singer and want to desperately share a pint at the pub with him. Not only is he hilairious and talented, but also a great friend to have in your life, as shown these 6 times….

1.) Supportive Sheeran
Ed Sheeran Taylor Swift
We all know that Ed and Taylor Swift are the ULTIMATE friendship goals. But even when he probably would’ve gotten a sneaky preview of her album Red and had it for free, he made a trip down to his local HMV and bought one himself with her very own hard earned money. Because he’s just swell like that.

2.) Jedward Jägerbombs
You know that friend who first introduced you to the downward spiral of tequila shots, or that mate who bought you your first pint? They always have a special place in your heart, and that’s exactly what Ed is to Irsih twins Jedward. He bought the pair their first ever Jägerbombs, to which they simply replied ‘Oh, this is a slippery slope.’ You don’t even know the half of it boys.

3.) Tatt’s life

Who needs a professional tattoo artist when you can have multi-award winging Ed Sheeran permanently brand you with ink for life? That’s exactly what One Direction’s Harry Styles did when he wanted a tattoo of a padlock. Sadly though, he might have had some tattoo regrets as he’s now covered up Ed’s masterpiece saying that it looked like a handbag. Oh dear…

4.) Lads on tour

Ed’s one busy guy – he’s always on tour, recording new songs, promoting his own signed artists – but he’s still got time to just, you know, casually pop into your local uni in Shropshire. He joined Radio 1’s Scott Mills and Chris Stark when they were on their uni tour across the country, and even auctioned himself off! And in cases you’re wondering, he was sold for £12,000. Personally, we think Ed’s priceless.

5.) Cheer up clown
Taylor Swift Ed Sheeran
The best friends in life are a shoulder for you to cry on, and then will do anything to make you life when the chips are down. And if you’re buddies with Ed Sheeran, be safe in the knowledge that he WILL don a clown suit and full on circus make up just for LOLs and bants. Oh Ed, you!

6.) Wedding winner
When Ronan Keating needed a wedding singer, he didn’t just ring up crooner Craig from the local choir. No, he just gave his buddy Ed Sheeran a buzz didn’t he? Not only does Ed perform at weddings on the regular now, but Ronan also got 2 for the price of 1 when Ed also got 90s boybands Boyzone and Westlife to unite as one and perform Flying Without Wings – double whammy! Oh, and there was that time that he sand while helping Rixton’s Jake Roche propose to his Little Mix girlfriend, Jesy Nelson. Ed’s practically cupid.

We’ve made a friendship bracelet ready and waiting for you Ed!

Amy Lo