From twisted film and TV characters to this year's internet sensations and more, check out our list of halloween fancy costume ideas based on our favourite celebrity and pop culture moments so far in 2015...

With halloween is just around the corner, if you’re looking for fancy dress ideas a tad more original than ‘sexy witch’ then you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve pulled together a spookily brilliant list of halloween costume ideas based on our favourite celebrity and pop culture moments so far in 2015.

WATCH: Pete Burns’ changing face…he’s gone under the knife AGAIN!


From twisted film and TV characters to this year’s internet sensations and more, these are the costumes that will crack your friends up this halloween.

Check out the list above and below. Oh, and for any Game of Thrones fans reading – this article contains a pretty major spoiler…

1. Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele

Dust off your handcuffs and whip out your whips, because this year’s number one couples’ costume has to be 50 Shades of Grey characters Christian and Anastasia. We’re sure your very own Jamie Dornan won’t need much convincing if you promise to stay in character when the party’s over…

2. Any character from the Bad Blood video

Which kick-ass character from Taylor Swift‘s epic music video will you be? Personally, we’re going with Karlie Kloss‘s Knockout. Or Lily Alrdridge‘s Frostbite. Or Cara Delevingne‘s Mother Chucker. Or… HELP!

3. Bobby Beale

Forget the kid in The Omen – this year saw EastEnders‘ Bobby Beale take on the title of scariest little boy ever when it was revealed he was a sibling slayer after he killed big sis Lucy. Just look how menacing he looks!

4. Left Shark

No good on the dance floor? Then Left Shark is the costume for you. The unfortunate sharp-toothed fish was THE viral star of 2015 after struggling to nail the dance routine during Katy Perry‘s Superbowl half-time show – and thus, a meme icon was born.

Baddie Winkle

5. Baddie Winkle

She may have ‘bad’ in her name, but this 87-year-old hipster grandma is TOO GOOD. Get the look with an in-yer-face outfit, white wig and granny specs.

6. The Ghost of Jon Snow

We still haven’t got over Game of Thrones hunk Jon Snow being killed off in the final episode of Game of Thrones earlier this year, so we’d happily see him come back to life (albeit sporting some bloody stab wounds) this halloween.

7. Katie Hopkins

With her controversial comments on topics including fat kids and pregnant women, straight-talking Katie is pretty high on the Most Hated People On The Internet list – a title the Queen of Mean clearly thrives on.

8. One of the Orange Is The New Black characters

Pick your favourite Litchfield inmate (a tough choice, we know – Piper? Alex?? Red???) and don a pair of orange or beige overalls to channel the cast of our favourite Netflix show, which returned for a third series this year.

9. Birdman

Why not swoop into your halloween party as the title character from this years Best Picture Oscar winner?