As Kim Kardashian shares a selfie of her and husband Kanye West with Hillary Clinton, take a look at some of the other stars she's taken a selfie with

We doubt that there’s a day goes by where Kim Kardashian doesn’t utter the words: ‘But first, let me take a selfie.’

And the day that she met Hillary Clinton was no different.

Kim excitedly shared a snap of her with the woman who is hoping to become the first female US president ever after meeting her at a fundraising event in Los Angeles.

In the snap, Kim swaps her usual sultry pout for a half smile, whilst Hillary is in full-on Cheshire Cat mode.

Brilliantly, Kanye appears to have snuck in and photobombed the pair, appearing behind the two with his eyebrows raised.

Sharing her snap on Instagram, an excited Kim captioned the shot: ‘I got my selfie!!! I really loved hearing her speak & hearing her goals for our country! #HillaryForPresident.’

Although initially she initially wrote ‘Presisent” instead of President, and managed to mis-spell Hillary’s name. Whoops.

Earlier in the day, Kim got a little ahead of herself (it was probably all the excitement) and tweeted that she was going to meet the ‘1st female president of the Hillary Clinton’.

Of course, Hilary isn’t ACTUALLY president yet – she’s simply running for the job ahead of US presidential elections next year. Double whoops.

Pregnant Kim wore a taupe-coloured turtleneck dress for the occasion, which she showed off in an Instagram snap prior to the big meeting in which she revealed she was ‘excited 2 meet our next president tonight!’

Kim’s momager Kris Jenner was also at the fundraiser, and she too took to Instagram to share a snap of herself with Hillary.

Alongside a shot of her in a little black dress with the former First Lady of the United States, Kris wrote: ‘An honor to meet you Hillary Clinton! Great evening… #ohjustchatting.’

Of course, Hillary isn’t the first famous face Kim has snapped a picture with  – check out her celebrity selfie scrapbook in the gallery above!