One Direction’s first music video without Zayn Malik sees the boys going into space

As if it being Friday wasn’t good enough, those One Direction boys have only graced a new music video into our lives – and we could not be more thankful for it.

It’s One Direction’s first music video without Zayn Malik since he left the band, and Drag Me Down sees Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan do some intensive training at NASA (no, like, REALLY!), and travel into space.

But as well as realizing that the four boys can really pull an orange spacesuit, here’s 7 things that we learnt from One Direction’s Drag Me Down video…

1.) Harry Styles channels Mary Berry
One Direction Drag Me DownWe all know that the curly haired rascal is one stylish young man, but his bomber jacket game in the vid is one to rival Mary Berry’s on the Great British Bake Off! Seriously, we’re loving the embroidered floral bomber – can we get one too please Hazza?

2.) Liam is a gym bunny
One Direction Drag Me DownIf you need fit-spiration, look now further than Liam Payne. Sweating away while working out (who knew becoming an astronaut took so much physical training?) You know what they say, no Payne, no gain! Two tickets to the gun show please!

3.) Louis’ Top Gun
One Direction Drag Me DownThought Tom Cruise was good in Top Gun? Nah, it should’ve been Louis Tomlinson! Just look how RIGHT he looks sat in the cockpit.

4.) Niall spinning around
One Direction Drag Me DownIf Niall ever thought about maybe possibly becoming a jewel thief, being lowered into building to steal precious goods, we suggest he maybe not quitting the day job of being in the world’s biggest boyband. He’s swinging here, there and everywhere on that harness!

5.) Robots make great buddies
One Direction Drag Me DownNeed someone to have a cuppa with? Just grab a digital dude – ol’ Haz will show you how to communicate with them. They’re practically best buds…
One Direction Drag Me DownDaft Punk – eat your heart out.

6.) Facial expressions on point
One Direction Drag Me DownThe boys really know how to do ‘looking upwards thoughtfully’ REALLY well, and y’know, it’s a really tough expression to nail.

7.) This would make a great poster
One Direction Drag Me DownSomeone make this happen yeah? We’re got a blank space on our wall that’s got One Direction’s name all over it.

And as always, what we’ve always known – Harry Style is getting us all in a tizzy by looking straight into our souls…
One Direction Drag Me Down…and Niall’s got the cheekiest smile that Ireland ever produced!
1d drag me downS9
See you in outer space boys!

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Amy Lo