Take a look back at the cast of The Rocky Horror Show 40 years on since it's cinematic release

Halloween just isn’t complete without watching The Rocky Horror Show – it would be like Christmas without trying to hit Mariah Carey’s high notes in All I Want For Christmas at your office party.

And although when it first hit theatres in 1975, it didn’t perform that well, years later now, it’s a Halloween classic, and the camp-horror musical based on Richard O’Brien’s original stage show turned the grand ol’ age of 40 this year!

So big occasion, take a look at what the cast of the film look like now, and how you can do the time warp in style to celebrate!

Tim Curry as Dr. Frank N. Furter

Tim Curry in Rocky Horror Show Making his big screen debut, Tim Curry reprised his role of the transsexual Dr. Frank N. Furter from the original stage musical and got us all wishing we looked as good in fishnets as he did. Since his unforgettable performance in The Rocky Horror Show, Tim’s gone on to perform in various notable film roles, such as It, Clue, and 1985’s Legend. He also continued to perform on stage, which earnt him three Tony nominations in 2015, including Best Actor in a Musical and a Lifetime Achievement Award. You know what they say – you can take on the world in the right pair of shoes! And in Tim’s case, they seem to be a killer pair of heels.

Susan Sarandon – Janet Weiss

Susan Sarandon in Rocky Horror ShowAlthough playing shy Janet Weiss is one of Susan Sarandon’s earliest and most well known roles, she hasn’t stopped acting since, and become a household name when she starred in 1991’s Thelma & Louise. More recently, she’s starred in the 2009 film adaptation of the critically acclaimed book, The Lovely Bones, as well as picking up some awards along the way, including an Oscar for Best Actress for her performance in 1995’s Dead Man Walking. Oh, and she loves ping-pong. LOVES IT. So much so that she’s opened up her own pink-pong bar called SPiN.

Barry Bostwick – Brad Majors

Barry Bostwick in Rocky Horror ShowPlaying Susan’s on-screen fiancé, before Rocky Horro, Barry Bostwick had already starred on stage as another one of musical’s greatest characters, Danny Zuko in a stage production of Grease, which he was nominated a Tony Award for! Since gifting the world with the greatest rhyme of all time – ‘Damn it!’ and ‘Janet’ – Barry’s probably most recognieed as Fitz’s dad in Scandal. He’s also had big parts on sitcoms Spin City and What I Like About You, as well as continuing to sing his heart out on stage.

Peter Hinwood – Rocky Horror

No Merchandising. Editorial Use Only. No Book Cover Usage. Mandatory Credit: Photo by Moviestore/REX Shutterstock (1660828a) The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Peter Hinwood Film and TelevisionThe main man himself! Peter Hinwood was a professional model before taking up the role of playing the genetically engineered, perfect man, Rocky Horror. Although the film is named after his part, Peter spent most of the film running around in some gold short a la Kylie Minogue in her Spinning Around days. Sadly though, The Rocky Horror Show didn’t give Peter the acting bug as he stopped acting after the film and now works as, erm, an antiques dealer in London, saying that he knows he can’t act and he cringes every time he sees himself as Rocky. Wonder if those gold shorts are considered an antique?

Richard O’Brien – Riff Raff

Richard O'Brien in Rocky Horror ShowIf you thought Richard O’Brien was just a creepy handyman in Rocky Horror then, OH – how wrong you are. He only wrote the bloomin’ musical and co-wrote the screenplay adaptation! So, unsurprising that his character led the film’s most popular song – Time Warp anybody? Since then, Richard’s continued to write musicals and appeared in bits of bobs in various films, before gaining fame in the early 90s as the host of UKgame show The Crystal Maze. Oh, and he voices the dad in popular Disney cartoon, Phineas and Ferb – ask your nieces and nephews.

Still haven’t had your dose of Rocky Horror? Head down to The Royal Albert Hall on October 27 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Rocky Horror Show with a special screening, where Susan Sarandon herself will be attending for a special Q&A on stage!

To buy tickets and more info on the event, go to www.royalalberthall.com