Big Brother housemate Rebecca Shiner jumps into the pool in just a thong

On Big Brother, Bex Shiner really isn’t afraid to show off her assets.

The confident brunette has displayed her boobs to the entire country after whipping them out in the house’s garden during a game of truth or dare.

In our eye-popping pictures, Bex – also known as Rebecca – parades around in nothing but a skimpy black thong after housemate Dale dares her to strip and jump in the pool.

Bex quickly obliges, taking off her white top and patterned trousers in front of the cameras.

She appears to be wearing lashings of dark eyeliner on her lids and carefully-placed blusher on her cheeks. Her dark locks fall loosely to her shoulders in tight springy curls.

Despite being filmed 24/7 on Big Brother, Bex Shiner doesn’t seem fazed about messing up her slap or flashing the flesh and grins while peeling off her clothes.

She preserves her modesty by covering her assets with an arm before leaping into the water. The brave nursery nurse pinches her nose with her free hand.

Co-stars Mario Marconi and Lisa Appleton watch on grinning, albeit with slightly bemused expressions on their faces.

Clearly not afraid of giving viewers an eyeful on Big Brother, Bex Shiner then wades around the pool with her voluptuous chest on full display.

Dripping wet, she happily showcases her top half while focusing on scraping her sodden hair out of her eyes.

As she climbs out of the water, Bex manages to put her half-naked rear in front of the camera lens. But her housemates praise her rounded figure.

After her cheeky escapades, it’s likely that Rebecca is feeling a little chilly. She puts her boobs away by wrapping a blue towel around her body to dry off. Her fellow contestants continue their game.

Luckily for the curvy West Midlands girl, her make-up seems to have stayed in place. Impressive!

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