Are you packed and ready to party festival-style in a, potentially muddy, music field?

Wilderness and Boardmasters crack out their festivities this weekend, V and Reading & Leeds are upon us soon, so it’s time to start packing. When you haven’t got the luxurious space of a large suitcase, packing space can be tight. But who goes to a festival and takes practical clothes? That spoils all the fun! Here 9 festival tips you should know:

1. Keep your day bag simple. Across the body, zipped and small. Sorted.

2. Take a colourful floral crown, like the one Ashley James wears in our new issue. Not only will you look pretty, but it also helps your friends identify you when trapped inside a lairy mosh pit.

3. Wellies are a must! But trench foot definitely isn’t. Don’t forget to bring thick socks to keep those tootsies comfy. If your socks are long enough, you can tuck them over your boots #supercute!

4. Don’t forget the wipes! After your 3-day adventure you’ll learn there is nothing a baby wipe cannot remove!

5. Practice your plaits before you go. It’s the easiest way to keep your locks (reasonably) clean throughout the festival.

6. Dry shampoo will keep your hair fresh and you fragrant (in a good way!). In desperate times it can also be used as a deodorant.

7. Forget the bra. Wear a structured bikni top instead. You’ll be the one laughing when everyone else is drenched in sweat, beer, rain or even all three!

8. Sun cream is a necessity. Spending all that time at the front of an outside crowd means you need all the SPF you can get. It doubles up as a moisturiser over the weekend too, #win!

9. The baby wipes you packed earlier will be great spillages, but for general cleanliness keep that hand sanitizer within grabbing distant at all times!

Rowena Kinghorn