Supermodel sports coat made from a dozen foxes

As if bad taste in men isn’t enough, Kate Moss proves that her choice in coats is also totally tasteless – by wearing one made from at least 12 foxes.

Kate donned the monstrosity for a romantic day out near her home in the Cotswolds to celebrate junkie lover Pete Doherty’s 28th birthday.

The 33-year-old model has previously displayed a penchant for wearing dead animals, with goat, mink and rabbit as well as fox in her closet.

And anti-fur campaigner Dan Matthews of animal rights group PETA isn’t impressed. He fumes: ‘A dozen foxes have been horribly electrocuted just so she can look like a street walker.’

Kate and Pete shared a picnic and a country drive in her MG before heading back to London by helicopter.

Kate might usually be a foxy lady, but this is one look that shouldn’t be repeated.