Because the sun’s bound to make an appearance again soon, right? Hurry up Summer!

So we’ve gone back to that typical British weather… Do I need an umbrella? Do I need a coat? Wait, is it raining? No, I think sandals are fine… Anyone else having these daily dilemmas?

When all you really want is to don your swimsuit by the pool, at a festival or in your very own garden with a cocktail in hand and your phone in the other so you can show the world that we do occasionally have some sun! Right?

[gif] Charlotte swimwear

So, as we hear rumours that the sun could indeed have his hat on once again, here are some of the best swimsuits that are out there on the high street right now and you too can show it off a la Khloe Kardashian on a boat, or hanging in your paddling pool will do the same job!