This is how you show Harry Styles what he's missing. Watch and learn, ladies...

Picture this: You’re Taylor Swift, One Directions resident heartbreaker Harry Styles is you’re ex boyfriend, and you’re picking your red carpet frock for the highest profile music awards ceremony on his home turf.

What would go through your mind?

Judging by Taylor‘s super-sexy appearance, she speed-dialled Elie Saab, saying something along the lines of: ‘Get me the hottest LBD you’ve got’ to show Harry exactly what he’s missing.

Taking her virginal, super-sparkly signature look in a totally different direction, Taylor opted for flesh-flashing, figure-flaunting sensual sheer panelling. 

Now’s Style Editor and ‘dressing to impress your ex’ expert Alison Tay says, ‘Wow. She went there. By rocking this frock, Taylor’s message is she’s not to be messed with. Again. I would’ve done exactly the same.

‘Of course, by going hard and getting inspiration from Sandy’s sweet-to-slut transformation in Grease, you’re proving you can still own your sexiness long after your ex has stopped taking an interest.

‘What Taylor should have done was calm down, chill out and look too cool to care. But that would mean she’s moved on from Harry Styles. And who’d want to do that?’

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