Let the celebrations begin: Abercombie & Fitch has arrived in London - at last!

Until now, anyone living on this side of the pond has had to fly to the USA to visit Abercrombie & Fitch or buy online and pay hefty shipping rates to own an item from this must-have label.

However, life is about to change forever because the celeb-loved brand, worn by the likes of the Beckhams, Kate Beckinsale and Cameron Diaz, has landed in the UK.

On 22 March the first-ever London Abercrombie & Fitch store opened on prestigious Savile Row.

Now we can all sport the signature logo T-shirts, funky denimware and slouchy tracksuits for which A&F is renowned.

To maintain the brand’s sexy image, expect drop-dead gorgeous staff who look like they’ve just stepped off a magazine cover to be serving you in-store.

Included in the current staff list are a semi-professional footballer and a rugby-playing student. It certainly looks as if this summer will be a hot one…