You read that right. A quid is all you need...

You’ve cut carbs, ditched sugar, chomped on celery, switched sushi for salads, attempted the grapefruit/baby food/5:2 (delete as appropriate) diet but you STILL haven’t hit your weight loss goal. Gah!

Now though, scientists from Oklahoma State University reckon they’ve found another fruit which could help prevent obesity and boost our chances of losing unwanted weight.

And NO, it’s not some super exotic, hard-to-pronounce fruit that will leave you bankrupt. We’re talking about the trusty ol’ mango. That juicy piece of heaven which takes us back to hot summer holidays and days on the beach…

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Plus, in Tesco, a Perfectly Ripe Mango will only set you back £1. Yes, only £1! That’s around half the cost of your daily Flat White and a small percentage of your post-work sauvignon.

The study claims that mangoes help to boost certain gut bacteria which can be lost by eating a high fat diet. This specific bacteria has been said to play a role in obesity.

Shona Wilkinson, Nutritionist at also revealed that mangoes are a great source of fibre, ‘which means they can keep you fuller for longer and stop you from snacking.’

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Not only this, but mangoes are also said to stop type 2 diabetes. Winner!

The research, commissioned by the National Mango Board further proves that this tasty treat should definitely be top of your shopping list. Mangoes are packed full of antioxidants to help protect the body against various cancers, they contain a high level of potassium to help control heart rate and bloody pressure, healthy amounts of vitamin A promote good eyesight and they also contain aphrodisiac qualities… (this is obviously important…)

Ladies, make mangoes your go-to fruit!