Now's News Editor - and self-confessed exercise-phobe - gets running advice from Peter Andre

Now’s News Editor Jessica Boulton and the Now team are running the Royal Parks Half Marathon on 7 October for the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society. A plus-size exercisephobe, here Jess shares Peter Andre‘s words of advice…

There’s one day to go and now there really is no turning back.

When I first volunteered back in May it seemed like there was a long long time to go and race day felt like it was in a galaxy far far far away.

So fast forward to today and I put my hands up to the fact I’ve not done nearly enough training.

My last session was hard, very hard. I managed four miles on the treadmill with a dodgy ankle but there was no way I could have stretched to five.

With 13.1 miles to do TOMORROW, I’m not nearly ready.

I even had to hang onto the banister on the way out the gym because I was so tired!

But I have had some great encouragement.

The lovely Peter Andre talked to me at length about the run during a dinner for his new show a few months back.

As well as warning me about the dangers of dehydrating, he also told me how he himself had gone from someone who hated running to actually enjoying it in quite a short space of time, thanks to his ex Jordan.

Pete only started training because his then-wife Katie was doing it with her brother.

He said he used to be lagging behind but slowly pushed himself further and further and realised what he was capable of.

Whether he would be running away from Katie nowadays, was not something I dared ask.

But his words did give me some comfort.

I won’t lie to you, I’ve done less than 20 training sessions (not through laziness, just pure denial and lack of time) but already I can feel myself getting fitter.

Am I fit enough for Sunday? Hell no.

But if James ‘Arg’ Argent from Towie can do a whole marathon, surely I can manage half?

I’ve got a stock of water, a bag of warm clothes packed for after the race, and I’m just about to sort through some energy-lifting tracks for my iPod.

I reckon a bit of David Guetta, The Stone Roses and maybe even a dash of Peter’s Mysterious Girl might do the trick…

There’s just one more thing I need on race day…the force to be with me.

Jess and the Now team are running the Royal Parks Half Marathon on 7 October on behalf of the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society,

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